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Chicagoland Area Mobile Coffee Shop

Coming soon. 

In order for us to get started we've done the research, but we need your help! We need at least $30,000 in order to start. We know that is a huge ask - but we believe we can make it happen with the help of our friends, family and neighbors.


Our family is truly blessed to live in such a great community and we hope to give back by means of a local, small business! 

With the funds raised, we plan to purchase the following:

  • A trailer, which will serve as the foundation for our mobile operation: ~$6,500 

  • Coffee equipment, such as an espresso machine, grinder, etc. ~$8,500

  • Coffee truck retrofitting/building the mobile operation >=$12,000

  • Purchase of supplies & permits ~$3,000

By donating, we are happy to offer you several personalized perks, such as free coffee, swag items, and more. Click on the perks to see more details!

With the funds we raise from our online shop, & our kickstarter program we hope to have our dream become a reality with our mobile coffee shop! We hope to be able to offer rentals for weddings, events, marketplaces, faires, and more! 

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