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We want to share our love and passion for coffee with our community! So here we are, living our best life. Bringing delicious coffee you didn't know you needed!


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Our Story.

Hi there! Welcome to Hobbs Coffee Co. We are The Hobblets. Our love story began 12 years ago over a cup of coffee. I remember like it was yesterday, we were 19 years old, just starting to get to know each other. Michael would pick me up late at night and we'd just drive around, coffee in hand. I've always been a coffee drinker. As time went on our love for coffee and each other grew, We'd visit cafes and try different drinks, and eventually got married and started family.


I always say coffee is my love language. Michael will brew my coffee in the morning (because he knows I love waking up to the smell.) He lovingly makes me a pour over in the afternoons, and never forgets to ask if I'd like a latte on his way home from running errands or work. 

Coffee has always been a big part of our life and my family culture (Italian New Yorkers love their coffee). We've dreamed of owning a brick and mortar coffee shop for years, but in a Covid world, starting a business seemed like a wild dream. We talked it over and decided a coffee truck seemed like the best way to begin our dream!

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Truly Great Coffee.


Coffee is something we absolutely love. So we want to make sure you are only tasting the best of the best. Our mission is to not only give you coffee with amazing taste, but also give back to some amazing causes. 

In order to get our business off the ground we need to call upon our community to raise the capital. Check out our swag shop and purchase some apparel! All proceeds go towards getting out business started. After we reach our goal, proceeds will go towards the causes we support.

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Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Coffee is something we both enjoy. We enjoy it even more when we know the purchases we make are going towards great causes and support local businesses. Our mission is not only to introduce great tasting coffee to the Chicagoland area, but to create a space where you can contribute to many different causes or small businesses from our shop.

We believe in sharing our coffee story, and the brands we partner with, with great levels of excitement and pride. Our quality coffee brands and their causes really mean something special. Why not feel great drinking delicious coffee that gives back? 

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